Thursday, August 20, 2015

Practical law firm marketing tips directly from Google!

I recently attended a Google event on the impact Google is having on the Canadian legal industry. When Alec Humes (Google spokesperson) opened up the session, he told us that if there's anything he'd like us to take away from his talk, it's 1. mobile & 2. video. So, today, I'm passing along one practical tip on each for our readers.

Practical Mobile Marketing Tip 
Have you ever searched for your firm on your smart phone?  Does the map with the image and blue banner followed by the icons for call, directions and website come up?  If so, is the information accurate? Complete? If you've found any errors or your firm is missing entirely, visit Google My Business to post or update your profile.  You can view this result in the right hand column on Google desktop searches as well.

I did a quick search for some clients and friends to see how they're doing. Most were fine. But there were a few that were off the map (literally) and others that were misclassified, some grossly. It's a really easy thing to fix, with the possible benefit of being easier to find no matter which device your prospects are using to find your firm.  And, according to Alec, people are using their smart phones even when sitting at their computer. 

Practical Video Marketing Tip
Searches on YouTube have surpassed Google. So, if you're not already using video to market your law firm, think about it now.  Even if your audience isn't searching for the topic you're posting, video offers tremendous opportunity to be interesting and real, when implemented well. 

Participants graciously tweeted highlights and photos live from the event. You can read about it here

Thank you to Mark C. Robins at and Alec Humes at Google for a fun evening and an educational event! 

By the way, in the photo I'm trying out Google Glass. Weird. Photo credit goes to Garry J. Wise, of Wise Law OfficeWise Law Blog and SlawTips. Actually, even the idea of taking the photo goes to Garry! 

- Sandra Bekhor, Toronto
President, Bekhor Management

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